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Recruitment Services

DT Workforce was established in response to a growing demand by the Mining and Mineral Processing, Energy (Oil & Gas / Power Generation), Industrial and Services (including Manufacturing), Construction industries and associated Engineering for a professional approach to workforce recruitment. DT Workforce has now developed into one of the world's premier recruiters for these industries.

--- Industrial & Services

DT Workforce focuses upon the recruitment and selection of specialist supervisory, para professionals, trade, skilled and semi-skilled personnel. We provide the following recruitment services:

Permanent Recruitment

This service is used when our client wishes to outsource the entire recruitment process but engages the employee directly.

Contract Recruitment

This service is used when our client wishes keep the employment relationship flexible. This option also allows the client to have a first hand look at the candidate for a period before making the commitment to employ full time should a position become available. In an effort to create flexibility in their workforce, many of our clients have elected to employ a portion of their staff on a contract basis for extended periods. This method of employment is popular in industries where there is constant seasonal, economic and / or production fluctuations. Employing staff on a contract basis through DT Workforce can alleviate the high cost of reducing a full time workforce.

Contract to Permanent Recruitment

As above but where the Client has or may have an intention to engage the contractor on a permanent basis some time in the future.

Project Recruitment

This service is used when clients require the recruitment of large numbers of personnel for operation upgrades or the recruitment of the entire workforce for new projects. DT Workforce has extensive experience in the recruiting of the entire workforce for small to large projects ranging from 32 to 360 personnel This experience has been gained in Mining, Construction, Manufacturing and Oil and Gas projects.


This service applies where our client chooses either to transfer their current workforce onto the DT Workforce payroll or our client identifies/nominates a candidate previously known to them and chooses to employ them through DT Workforce.

Professional Processing

This service is commonly used when our client identifies an individual or group of candidates who they would like to consider for employment, but due to time constraints or geographic limitations request DT Workforce to process the candidates utilising our professional recruitment process.

--- Yellow Trucks

DT Workforce utilises a range of innovative recruitment processes that have been customised to suit individual client requirements, maximising the effectiveness and reducing recruiting costs.

DT Workforce strives to be a world leader and a first class provider of quality candidates to assist your company in achieving its human resource strategy.